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The SIMONA ® SIMOPOR product family comprises a range of PVC free-foam sheets that combine low density with ultralight design. All products within this line have a satin-smooth surface finish and offer exceptional versatility when it comes to processing.


Delivering premium quality and aesthetic appeal, SIMONA ® SIMOPOR products are the perfect choice for applications centred around light and airy design.


PVC Foamed Products  


Standard Products:

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PVC free-foam sheet, excellent processing capabilities, good printability.
This Product lines offer rigid PVC free-foam sheets with a sophisticated surface finish in clear white color. The extremely fine cellular structure ensures high rigidity on the one hand and satin-smooth surfaces on the other. Rigidity is a definite advantage for all exhibition contractors and display designers: the thickness of the sheets can be reduced due to their strength, and extra supporting structures, which would otherwise be necessary, can be dispensed with. A key point in favor of using SIMOPOR-LIGHT in the construction of exhibition stands and interior decoration is their flame retardant characteristics conforming to the German DIN 4102 B1 (SIMOPOR-LIGHT 3 to 19 mm).


Colored PVC free-foam sheets, perfectly even surface finish.

SIMOPOR-COLOR are fully coloured PVC free-foam sheets with a perfectly even surface finish.

SIMOPOR-COLOR – for a host of possibilities in exhibition, sign and display design. 



PVC free-foam sheet for digital direct printing, brilliant white surface, antistatic.
SIMONA has created a revolutionary printable PVC foam, SIMOPOR-DIGITAL, which addresses the needs of high end digital printing. SIMOPOR-DIGITAL has been formulated with permanent static control, unmatched UV resistance and a highly loaded brilliant white color which allows lifelike digital printed images without the possibility of print bleed through. 
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