Sep 7, 2017

Press Release


Archbald, PA – September 7, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the devastating storms, which have inflicted significant damage to parts of Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean and soon the Florida coast.

Over the next few months, the effects of hurricane season will have a serious impact on plastic supply and availability.

SIMONA AMERICA and Boltaron took measures to prepare before the storms, and continue to take steps to assure supply to our valued customers for all of our products is uninterrrupted. This includes communicating and working with our SIMONA facilities and partners throughout the world.

At this time, our Pennsylvania and Ohio plants are running at full capacity. We will continue to work with our supplier partners to assure continuity of supply.

It will take some time before we fully understand the prolonged affect on the supply, but we will be sure to keep you updated and informed.

Thank you for your continued business and interest in SIMONA AMERICA and Boltaron products.

Want to help out?
The International Association of Plastics Distribution and the Atlanta Plastics Charity Golf Tournament (APCGT) are teaming up to raise funds for members of our plastics community affected by Hurricane Harvey. Visit to make a contribution.