Oct 18, 2010

Press Release

Bright Idea: High Efficiency Lighting at SIMONA AMERICA

Hazleton, October 18, 2010. 

SIMONA America recently completed an upgrade of all interior lights, saving energy and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The new high-efficiency lights have slashed the energy requirement for lighting by 60% versus the previous light fixtures, and will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated to light the facility by nearly 500 metric tons per year. In addition to new lights, motion sensors were also installed in several areas of the factory and the office to further reduce energy demands when areas are unoccupied.

“We are very excited about these new lights,” said Bill Minogue, VP Operations. “They are not only saving energy, but the facility is much brighter than before and the whiteness of the light makes it easier to assess our sheet quality”. According to Ron Denoo, President & CEO, “This project is in perfect alignment with SIMONA’s culture and long history of environmental sensitivity. We have a product portfolio which is focused on safety critical and environmental applications, and sustainability in our production methods is one of our strategic initiatives.”

The project was completed in less than two weeks and many old fixtures were able to be retrofitted with new bulbs, minimizing the waste generated. All fixtures that were removed were disposed of using methods approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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