Apr 8, 2010

Press Release

New Product Development and Technical Support Services Manager at SIMONA AMERICA

Hazleton, April 8, 2010. On March 29, 2010 Matthew P. Curtis joined Simona America Inc. as Product Development and Technical Support Services Manager. He brings extensive product and process development experience to this role. His expertise is in project management, R&D and manufacturing related to plastics,  composites and coatings. Matt will report directly to John Ploskonka, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, Simona America Inc.

Matt’s most recent position was as a Product Development Engineer at MACtac in Scranton, PA. His previous work experience includes ten years with Gentex in Carbondale, PA, as its Technical Manager of Additives and Resins and Operations Manager of Processed Polymers.

Matt holds MA and BS degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Scranton and is working toward his MBA degree from the University of Scranton.
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