Feb 25, 2011

Press Release

New Partnership increases the market presence of SIMONA® Polypropylene AlphaPlus®

Hazleton, February 25, 2011. 

SIMONA AMERICA Inc. has established a partnership with Specialty Plastics, Inc. (Marlton, NJ.), to stock, distribute, develop, and promote the range of SIMONA ® Polypropylene AlphaPlus ® and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric backed linings. This alliance will significantly increase the market presence of SIMONA’s polyolefin lining laminates throughout North America. Specialty's experience, knowledge, and advanced technical support will assist customers in developing specifications for their applications.

John Ploskonka, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states: “Our target markets in the coming years are Chemical Processing and related industries that require stringent specification of materials, processing into semi finished shapes and fabrication practices to produce a finished vessel or lining. The aggressive liquids, gases, and operating conditions in the CPI market place a responsibility for all involved in providing not only the highest quality of product, but also the services of professionals in every step of the supply chain. Preferred Plastics adds value in our efforts to be a recognized as a leader in these Safety Critical Applications.”

SIMONA ® Polypropylene AlphaPlus® was developed with the help of special nucleating agents and targeted adjustments to process engineering. The result is a PP-H with a-crystalline properties. SIMONA ® Polypropylene AlphaPlus ® offers considerably improved rigidity, in addition to increased toughness. Compared with standard PP-H, SIMONA® Polypropylene AlphaPlus ® is more resistant to impact at low temperatures, thereby delivering greater operational reliability. Because of the longer service life and the greater operational reliability, SIMONA ® Polypropylene AlphaPlus ® has set new standards in Europe for safety critical applications.

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