Jul 14, 2010

Press Release

New Northwest Regional Sales Representative at SIMONA AMERICA

Hazleton, July 14, 2010. 

Hazleton, July 14, 2010. SIMONA America Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Stephan Henne as its Northwest Regional Sales Representative. Mr. Henne will be responsible for the States of California (north of the San Bernadino, Kern and San Luis Obispo county lines), Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

stephan-henne.jpg Stephan Henne

"Customers in this area will benefit from Stephan's eight years of customer service management and extensive product knowledge. The entire Simona Group is dedicated to the support of customers with our extensive technical expertise and support that starts at the representation level" said John Ploskonka, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Stephan will be relocating to San Mateo, CA in the near future.

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